DinKa – Key documents in the Archives of Contemporary History

Aim of the project

Between 2019 and 2022, the Archives of Contemporary History will digitise the key documents in its institutional holdings, i.e. the main document series (statutes, annual reports, protocols etc.) belonging to associations and organisations and scan these using OCR technology. This will facilitate access to the sources, while the automatic text recognition will enable new research and evaluation options. 

Description of the project

Indexed holdings whose metadata are accessible in the online database will be digitised. The main content-related and quantitative focus will be placed on the holdings relating to the economy, namely on the umbrella organisations of all Swiss employers, the machinery, electrical and metal industries and the textile industry. Other, usually smaller associations and organisations within the sphere of contemporary political and Jewish history will also be digitised.  

Synergies and context

The Archives of Contemporary History will collaborate closely with the DigiCenter to prepare the holdings (AVOR work preparation), which will be transported to the DigiCenter and digitised predominantly via reflective scanning.

March 2019 - June 2022Project duration

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