Completed project

Aim of the project

  • Improvement of the photographic holdings' accessibility via re-indexing and digitization
  • Conservation and protection of the original holdings via integral digitization and repackaging in containers suitable for archiving
  • Initial clarification of the rights to the photographs

Description of the project

The Thomas Mann Archive owns around 7,000 photo prints in a wide variety of formats depicting the life and work of Thomas Mann, as well as his personal sphere. The photographs, which were taken by more than 500 photographers and date from the 1840s to the 1990s, are extremely important to understand the "media author" Thomas Mann. Within the scope of the project, the photographic material is re-taken at individual image level, the contents described, digitized, repacked in proper containers and archived.

Synergies and context

The project uses the image information system Canto Cumulus, which ETH-Bibliothek has already deployed to index and manage comparable photographic holdings (including the Max Frisch Archive) and present them online. The digitization is performed at ETH-Bibliothek's DigiCenter.

Timeframe, sequence

July 2015 to April 2016Project duration
2017After the project's completion, the groundwork to upload a selection of photos into a catalogue on E-Pics will commence. In particular, the usage rights for the photographs are to be clarified. The catalogue is scheduled to go online in the course of 2017.

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Katrin Keller
Project coordination
+41 44 633 01 36

Katrin Keller