Vascular plants herbarium 2019 – 2021

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is the complete inventory of the herbarium, as well as the digitisation of the vascular plant specimens of Valais flora with support from “citizen scientists”.

Description of the project

This project is comprised of three sub-projects:

1. Complete inventory of the herbarium, in order to reorganise the collections according to most recent phylogenetic findings at a subsequent stage.

2. Digitisation of up to 150,000 specimens from approximately 1,800 species found in the canton of Valais, and indexing in collaboration with an ongoing citizen science project (

3. Mounting and digitisation of 12,000 specimens from the herbarium of Gilbert Bocquet (bequest).

Synergies and context

Cooperation with the citizen science project “Valais Flora”  (

July 2019- June 2021Project duration

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D-USYS (Department of Environmental Systems Science)
Dr. Alessia Guggisberg
ETH Curator of Vascular Plants
+41 44 632 74 10