Multimedia Storytelling

Completed project

Aim of the project

A content marketing platform is being developed within the scope of the project Multimedia Storytelling to further strengthen ETH-Bibliothek's digital positioning as an innovative information infrastructure provider. The platform also helps raise awareness of ETH-Zurich's collections, archives and services with a view to opening up new target groups and increasing the access figures for ETH-Bibliothek's digital services. 

Description of the project

Based on storytelling, ETH-Bibliothek's holdings and services are re-contextualised and presented attractively on a content marketing platform. Individual stories on certain topics can be accessed. They either involve the holdings spanning the collections and archives so that the core of the individual story consists of multimedia contents, or they revolve around a service and present a more abstract topic, which is enhanced via data visualizations and infographics, for instance. Two stories are being drafted and realised within the scope of the project. The larger one will present the holdings of the collections and archives, while a somewhat smaller story on the digital curation service is being compiled simultaneously. Once the project has been completed, further stories will be written and published on the platform at regular intervals.   

Synergies and context

  • Contribution towards ETH Zurich's outreach by presenting its rich cultural heritage
  • Open data: re-using and remixing ETH-Bibliothek’s digitized resources

Cooperation partner

Collections and archives of ETH-Bibliothek and ETH Zurich (external link)

Timeframe, sequence

November 2015Project launch
January 2017Go live of new platform
February 2017Project end

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Deborah Kyburz
Project coordination
+41 44 633 84 61

Deborah Kyburz