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Aim of the project

Implementation of a suitable technical infrastructure and optimum processes for development and operation of a quality-controlled university bibliography of the ETH Zurich.

Description of the project

An online university bibliography of the ETH Zurich is to be developed in the project. It will list the scientific publications by ETH personnel that are produced in connection with their work at the ETH Zurich. A suitable technical infrastructure as well as optimum processes for development, operation and ongoing quality control will be provided for this. In the context of the project, the extent to which manual entry of bibliographical references by ETH personnel can be appropriately supported will be clarified. In addition to the manual quality checking of data by the ETH-Bibliothek, partial automation of this process will also be examined. Interfaces to all other applications and processes at the ETH Zurich that require bibliographical details of the publications of ETH personnel will also be available.

Information on synergies and context

The project is one of the measures for implementing the ICT strategy of ETH Zurich (external link).
As with the ETH E-Collection (external link) the system is to be implemented on the basis of the open source solution Fedora Commons (Repository) and Fez (user interface).

Timeframe, sequence

April 2010:System goes live (system that will fully replace the current publication pool)

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