Completed project

Aim of the project

The aim of e-rara.ch (external link) is to digitize rare books relating to Switzerland and to publish them online on a common platform.

Description of the project

At various Swiss locations, digitization points – including some based on existing infrastructure – capable of digitizing large quantities of books are to be created. In parallel with this, an electronic platform on which the digitized books can be called up and searched is to be set up. Initially, the focus will be on digitizing and processing the Swiss books from the 16th century; other content will be evaluated in the context of the project. In addition, it is intended to keep the infrastructure for digitization and the online platform open to all libraries in Switzerland after the project has ended.

Synergies and context

The project is to be carried out in the context of e-lib.ch: Swiss Electronic Library (external link).

Cooperation partners

Since launch of the portal, many other Swiss libraries (external link) have joined in.

Timeframe, sequence

Duration:2008 to 2011, extensions of the project 2012, 2013
November 2008:Purchase of scanners
March 2009:Purchase decision for online platform software
March 2010:Acceptance of web platform: service goes online
August 2012:10 000 titles online
2013Launch redesign, enlargement of the service, end of project

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Dr. Meda Diana Hotea
General coordination
+41 44 632 93 07