Completed project

Aim of the project

Swiss scientific and cultural journals are to be retrospectively digitized and made freely accessible on the platform (external link) (new E-Periodica) (external link). Furthermore, journals already accessible online are complemented with current issues on a regular basis.

Description of the project

The ETH-Bibliothek is digitizing scientific journals that were previously only available in physical format, and is making them freely accessible on the Internet. The project is thus responding to an existing need on the part of the issuing companies, the university libraries and, not least, the customers.
In addition to the actual digitization, the project employees are also indexing the journal content in terms of content and structure, thus preparing it for online presentation.

Cooperation partners

Timeframe, sequence

Duration: Since August 2008
Implementation of various individual projects (for each journal) in close cooperation with the issuing companies.

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Regina Wanger
Project coordination / Head DigiCenter
+41 44 632 69 10