Vernissage - Angry letters, fan mail and tweets – Responses to Max Frisch

«Angry letters, fan mail and tweets – Responses to Max Frisch»

Exhibition from 16 Mai to 27 September 2019

“Who is the public?” Not only was Max Frisch confronted with this question as a theoretical problem, but also on a very practical level when checking the letter box. Over 1,000 letters from readers to the author have been preserved in the Max Frisch Archive. Besides enthusiastic readers’ impressions, they also include autograph requests and even coarse insults. How did the author cope with his role as a public figure? How did he handle the admiration, how the hatred?

Max Frisch coveted a dialogue with his readership and did not leave letters unanswered with a clear conscience. However, he couldn’t respond to every request: "A writer is almost relieved when the next letter he opens contains a bill which he can settle, e.g. from the electric company – "

For the first time, the new Max Frisch Archive exhibition offers a glimpse into the wealth of letters to the author. It features unpublished documents from the past and asks how #MaxFrisch is received in the social media today.

Opening on 15 May 2019, 18:00

Welcome: Dr Stefan Wiederkehr (ETH Library, Head of Collections and Archives)

Introduction: Prof. Dr Thomas Strässle (President of the Max Frisch Foundation) and Dr Tobias Amslinger (Head of the Max Frisch Archive)

Meeting Place

ETH Library, H Floor, Collections and Archives Reading Room, main building ETH Zurich, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zurich

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