Best Practices in Digitization

Digitization has established itself as an important instrument for securing and accessing cultural assets.

The main advantages of digital services include:

  • Accessibility independent of time and place
  • Easier searches thanks to navigational aids and full text
  • Intensive usability, even of delicate, unique specimens
  • Protection of originals and storage and safeguarding of documents and objects

ETH Library's Best Practices in Digitization is a practical guide for the realisation of digitization projects. It addresses the individual project steps based on a schematic workflow from the concept phase and the processing of the documents to the presentation and utilisation of the electronic service. In doing so, it frequently includes concrete examples from practice. 

The guide focuses on the digitization of print and image material, as well as objects, but not AV media. In this sense, it makes no claims to completeness.

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