Reference projects


Smaller holdings are being digitized all the time.

The mass processing project is concentrating on the large holdings in the Luftbild Schweiz Archive.

Here, some parts of the collection are digitized

The digitized images can be accessed via


In cooperation with a number of partners, Swiss scientific and cultural journals are being digitized and made freely accessible via the E-Periodica (external link) platform.

In Switzerland's largest digital journal archive, you can browse about 3 million pages, run searches or download them in pdf format.

More journals are being digitized all the time. Suggestions for journals that should be considered are always welcome.

Rare books

ETH Library has holdings of about 15,000 rare books which are of great importance from the point of view of cultural, scientific and technical history with books dating from the end of the 15th to the end of the 19th century.

It covers the fields of

  • architecture
  • natural sciences
  • technology

Over the next few years, this material will be digitized and made available online via the shared (external link) platform. The digitized rare books can also be accessed via the Knowledge Portal.

Historical reference material

On the one hand, ETH Zurich University Archives contain minutes, student registers and other administrative records that date back to when the university was founded. On the other hand, they also have important personal papers of people that are relevant to ETH Zurich scientifically or in terms of content.

Selected holdings are continuously being digitized and made available online via e-manuscripta (external link)


The "Albert Heim Geological Teaching Collection" in ETH Zurich's Earth Science Collections comprises a wide selection of fossils, minerals and rocks from Switzerland, but also sites all over the world. Albert Heim was a geology professor at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich from 1872 to 1911 and wrote the monumental work "Geologie der Schweiz " (1919 to 1922).

In a pilot project, around 1,000 objects from this teaching collection were digitized and made available in 3D view on E-Pics Earth Science Collections (external link).

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