Publishing in the Research Collection

The Research Collection (external link) is ETH Zurich's publication platform. University members can publish their scientific full texts open access as well as archive their research data and make them accessible to the public. Furthermore, the Research Collection records all publications produced at ETH Zurich and serves as a source for publication lists in the academic reporting and on ETH Zurich's websites. 

What does the Research Collection offer?

  • Indexing in Google Scholar and other academic search engines
  • Document streaming for resource-friendly reading of PDFs on mobile devices
  • Content preview for ZIP and tar containers
  • View journal copyright guidelines in the publication process
  • Have open access articles published automatically when the journal embargo expires
  • Link publications and research data to Grant IDs and have them displayed on the EU portal OpenAIRE
  • Citable DOIs for publications and research data; possibility of reserving DOIs
  • Unique identification of authors via ORCID iD (in preparation)
  • Up-to-date download statistics
  • "Cited by" counts from Web of Science and Scopus
  • Altmetrics display the reception in blogs, social media and other media
  • Freely choose who can access your data
  • Deposit your data for an indefinite or a limited period of time
  • Ongoing import of new publications from Web of Science and Scopus
  • Batch import of literature lists from RIS and BibTex files
  • Entry of new publications via DOI retrieval
  • Import of new publications from your own ORCID profile (in preparation)
  • Re-use of publication data via standardised interfaces

FAQs and guidance

Answers to frequently asked questions and step-by-step instructions for key features are provided in the Research Collection Manual (external link).

Video Tutorials: How to publish in the Research Collection

In our new tutorials, we explain step-by-step what the submission process looks like and what you should consider when submitting articles or research data.

-       Publishing journal articles in ETH Zurich’s Research Collection (external link)

-       Publishing data in ETH Zurich’s Research Collection (external link)

Legal Framework

Information on the legal conditions can be found on the page Legal aspects.

We have also condensed the most important advantages of the Research Collection into a short video (1:05 min.).

Youtube – ETH Library (external link)