This page provides an overview of all forms of access to the freely available data from ETH Library's holdings.

Depending on which data you are interested in, we offer a direct entry point via the individual platform or downloads of predefined data packets. Contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for or require special data packets.    

Digital copies

ETH Library's digital copies are accessible via various online platforms with digital documents.

Bulk data

Downloads of entire metadata sets, referred to as "bulk data", are provided as compressed zip files.

Bibliographical metadata

Metada setDateFormatFile size
All (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML650 MB
Monographs (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML569 MB
Series (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML14 MB
Journals (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML17 MB
Map material (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML24 MB
Rare books (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML9 MB

Metadate sets from selected holdings

ETH Zurich University ArchivesDateFormatFile size
Hs 1056 correspondence C. G. Jung (external link) (zip file)01/2018CSV788 kB
Max Frisch ArchiveDateFormatFile size
Primary literature (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML46 kB
Secondary literature (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML355 kB
Translations (external link) (zip file)08/2018MARCXML105 kB
Thomas Mann ArchivesDateFormatFile size
Primary literature (external link) (Zip File)08/2018MARCXML109 kB
Secondary literature (external link) (Zip File)08/2018MARCXML1.6 MB
Translations (external link) (Zip File)08/2018MARCXML198 kB
Correspondence Thomas Mann (external link) (Zip File)01/2018CSV737 kB

Direct interface

As standard practice, access to data from a vast range of libraries (e.g. Library of Congress) and service providers (e.g. OCLC Cataloging Service) is possible with the Z39.50/SRU Client (external link).

The database of the Network of Libraries and Information Centers in Switzerland (NEBIS) is already on the existing master list and can easily be added. NEBIS is a library network, the catalogue of which also contains ETH Library’s bibliographical metadata. The search result is therefore not restricted to ETH Library's data.

As standard practice, a search by title, author, subject, ISBN, ISSN, record number and keyword is possible. The formats MARC21 and XML can be issued.

When a search is launched, the client issues a list of datasets that can then be downloaded individually or in full in the preselected format.

The list of hits (and therefore also the download) is restricted to a maximum of 5,000 search results.

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