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This page provides you with an overview of the ways that you can access ETH Library’s open data.

Depending on which data and which type of access you are looking for, we offer direct access to our collections in the ETH Library Search Portal, access via the respective online platform, or the option to download pre-defined data packets.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need special data packets, please get in touch.

API for direct access to library resources

The RESTful API ETH Library Resource Information Bus (RIB) offers direct access to the library resources that does not require you to use the ETH Library Search Portal. It is documented in accordance with the OpenAPI Specification Version 3.0.

Examples of dynamic queries (export in JSON) for resources include:

Bibliographic metadata of ETH Library

All bibliographic metadata

All periodicals
All titles published before 1900
Primary literature by Max Frisch 
Secondary literature on Thomas Mann

Documented archival holdings

ETH Zurich University Archives
ETH Zurich University Archives, holdings of Arnold Escher von der Linth
ETH Library Image Archive
Thomas Mann Archives
Max Frisch Archive at ETH Library

Queries via Z39.50

The Z39.50/SRU Client provides access to data from a wide range of different libraries (e.g. the Library of Congress) and service providers (e.g. the OCLC Contract Cataloging service) as standard.

The Network of Libraries and Information Centers in Switzerland (NEBIS) database is also included in the available master list and can be easily added. The bibliographic metadata of ETH Library are part of the NEBIS library network.

It is possible to search by title, author, subject, ISBN, ISSN, record number and keyword as standard. Data can be exported in MARC21 and XML formats. A maximum of 5,000 search results can be displayed.

Digitized resources

ETH Library’s digitized resources are available on a variety of platforms with digital documents. A growing number of these platforms support IIIF-compliant data export.

Specific data packets

Individual, specially prepared metadata sets are provided in the form of compressed ZIP files.

-          ETH Zurich University Archives: Hs 1056 Correspondence C. G. Jung (01/2018, CSV, 788 KB)

-          Thomas Mann Archives: Correspondence Thomas Mann (01/2018, CSV, 737 KB)

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