Results of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2017

Once again, the event brought together data providers from administration departments, archives and libraries with programmers and data specialists.

Absendeorte der Carl-Gustav-Jung-Korrespondenz

The third Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon (external link) was held at the University of Lausanne from 14 to 16 September. The goal was to show how publicly accessible data can be used in an innovative way for research purposes, visualisations or web publications. A wealth of over 100 public datasets (external link) served as source material, including digitised image holdings, maps, recordings of theatre productions and extensive bibliographical data.

Jung-Rilke Correspondence Networks

The project team formed on location “Jung - Rilke Correspondence Networks (external link)” used the hackathon to scrutinise the metadata on the letter holdings of Rainer Maria Rilke (Swiss Literary Archives) and Carl Gustav Jung (ETH Zurich University Archives). The goal was to gradually refine and enrich the data with a view to ultimately visualising it in different ways. For instance, the geocoding of the sender’s location enabled the correspondence networks to be depicted on maps. The video of the project’s final presentation (external link) provided insights into the project and the various visualisation possibilities.


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