Publishing in open access journals

Open access journals are scientific journals, the contents of which are freely accessible online. ETH Zurich encourages university members to publish in suitable open access journals. 

Selecting a journal

The Directory of Open Access Journals (external link) (DOAJ) will help in the search for a suitable open access journal.

Bear in mind that unfortunately there are also open access journals that fail to meet the high demands of scientific quality assurance.

Therefore we recommend that when selectin a journal you check

  • whether the journal conducts a peer review process
  • whether acknowledged scientists are among the authors and editorial board members
  • whether the publisher is a member of OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association or another acknowledged industry association
  • whether any costs are incurred for a publication.

You may also want to check if one of your peers left a review for the journal you are going to submit to on the Quality Open Access Market (external link) webpage.


Articles in open-access journals are usually financed via publication fees (so-called article processing charges, APCs), which are either borne by the authors themselves (such as from research or project funds) or through an institutional membership of their institution.

ETH Library provides researchers from ETH Zurich with the possibility to publish in open-access journals either free of charge or at a reduced price (external link).

The Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Commission offer special funding options for publications that originate from research projects.