Digital collections

A vast range of collections present their digitized contents on the web to facilitate access to key sources and protect their valuable originals. The safeguarding of digital copies is often not the main priority.

This is where the ETH Data Archive comes in: it serves as a so-called "dark archive" for the preservation of the digital copies, complementing the physical archiving of the original documents.

For digital born documents, the ETH Data Archive is essential for long-term storage. It can also be used beyond the dark archive function to display digital objects if no specific presentation platform is available.

The ETH Data Archive provides productive solutions in the following application areas:

Digital collections

Long-term archiving in the ETH Data Archive is already implemented for the Research Collection (external link) which is the publication platform of ETH Zurich as well as for data from ETH Library's platform (external link) and the E-Pics Image Archive Online (external link). Archiving of other digital holdings such as e-manuscripta (external link) and E-Periodica (external link), will follow.

The services are also available to other interested parties from ETH Zurich.

ETH Zurich University Archives

The ETH Zurich University Archives hold administrative records of archival value and scientific as well as private papers of former professors of ETH Zurich and make them accessible to the public in accordance with legal provisions.

Electronic documents including websites of ETH Zurich are preserved in the ETH Data Archive. In order to deposit their digital documents administrative units are kindly requested to contact the University Archives directly. Further information regarding storage and access of selected parts of ETH Zurich’s websites can be found on the webpage of ETH Zurich Web Archive (external link).

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