Data management made simple

A new article in Nature Career Feature talks about data management planning and how ETH Library helps researchers to tackle it

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Data management made simple

Keeping one's research data well managed and writing up a plan how to do so, is asked for by many funders, the Swiss National Science Foundation (external link) (SNSF) among them.

Earlier this year, Nature Career approached ETH Library to ask about their experiences in data management and help them connect to colleagues and customers. Marjorie Etique (external link), a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS), who the Digital Curation Office assisted in the preparation of a data management plan for a SNSF grant proposal (external link), kindly agreed to an interview.

The published article "Data management made simple (external link)", also featuring input from our colleagues from the UK Digital Curation Centre (external link) among others, summarises the challenges met by researchers and the support and expertise libraries have to offer.