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Publication and archiving of research data

Not all scientific disciplines have dedicated subject-specific repositories that accept data for long-term storage. This is why ETH Library operates the Research Collection (external link) and the ETH Data Archive as supplementary services. You may check the current collection of archived research data of ETH Zurich by searching the Knowledge Portal.

The Research Collection offers a browser interface for upload and publication of research data via web browser. Please find further information in the Research Collection Manual (external link). Data that was uploaded to the Research Collection will be preserved over long term in the ETH Data Archive.

In certain cases, the ETH Data Archive will be available to researchers from ETH Zurich and other interested parties within the university as a repository for direct upload. This service is primarily designed forperiodic or extensive uploads of research data that ideally can be ingested via automatic interfaces.In addition, web archiving for ETH Zurich and archiving of other electronic documents by the ETH Zurich University Archives are technically executed by the ETH Data Archive.

Our range of services includes:

Support of data preparation

Preparatory or accompanying measures are often necessary to facilitate the transfer of data to the ETH Data Archive in an organised fashion. For this purpose, the Research Data Management and Digital Curation Office provides the following services:

Depending on the kind of data, the requirements differ and demand individual workflows. Together with you, we will try to find solutions taylored to your needs. Irrespective of the kind of content, you must be entitled to publish the data you want to submit.

The basic prerequisite for the acceptance of data into the ETH Data Archive is the availability of metadata or other contextual information. For unpublished data without metadata or for short-term storage of data, we can put you in contact with ETH Zurich's IT Services as and when required. For archiving administrative records or websites of ETH Zurich (external link) we will gladly put you in touch with the ETH Zurich University Archives

For general questions about our services, please also have a look at our FAQ (external link).

ETH Library is also your contact point for questions concerning the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and coordinates their introduction at ETH Zurich.

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